[Important] Regarding the end of the pre-order period from 1/11 (Wed.) to 1/29 (Sun.)

Thank you for using WONDER NOAH.

1/11 (Wed) ~ 1/29 (Sun)

The pre-order period has ended.

Ordering and shipping operations will be closed for about 2 weeks due to business closure.

We will start arranging the purchased products from 1/30 (Monday) .

[Regarding shipping and tracking number notifications after the pre-sale period]

Orders and shipments will be very busy after the end of the pre-order period on January 30th (Monday) , so it may take about a month to ship.

Please check it before purchasing.

Also, after notification of the tracking number, it may take about a week for the tracking number to be reflected due to shipping congestion.

Thank you for your patience.

[Regarding immediate shipping products]

Orders placed from 1/15 (Sun) to 1/26 (Thu) will not be shipped.

Please note that shipping procedures will begin sequentially from 1/27 (Friday) .

[Regarding the withdrawal timing of payment (including deferred payment)]

Requests for orders made in January will be sent in late February,

Billing for orders made in February will be debited in late March.

Please note that payment may be made before the product arrives.

Also, if you use payday payment, you may be asked to pay before the delivery date of the product.

Thank you for your understanding.

[Regarding returns and refunds]

We do not accept cancellations or changes to orders made during the pre-sale period or after December 24th (Sat) before the pre-sale period .

Please note that even if the payment period is earlier than the delivery of the product, we will not be able to cancel or change it, as it is stated on the top of the website in advance.

Items purchased by December 24th (Sat) will be shipped as usual.

Please note that items ordered after December 25th (Sun) may be shipped after January 30th (Mon) .

However, some items ordered before December 24th (Sat) may be shipped after January 30th (Mon) .

Orders placed before December 24th (Saturday) cannot be canceled or changed if delivery is after the end of pre-order sales.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

* Please note that we do not accept cancellations or changes to orders after December 24th (Sat) .

2022/12/15 18:32 From WONDER NOAH staff